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"My conditions were lower back pain and a miscarriage. The improvements so far have been a successful pregnancy, reduced nausea,higher energy level, better sleeping, reduced stress levels and much relief to my lower back. With the help of Xin and regular stretching, I no longer have to have physical therapy for my back.

I am highly satisfied with Xin. She has not only helped with my ailments and discomforts but has also given me an education and understanding of my body and how simple herbs, fruits and natural foods can be used in place of costly western medicines and procedures. I feel more confident with my body and know that you can reduce pain and ailments with acupuncture and the knowledge that Xin provides.

I always look forward to my sessions with Xin. I know I will feel better afterwards. Thanks!"                                                    --- Rosalinda M

Shoulder Pain

"I had a small tear in my rotater cuff and had been doing some physical therapy. Xin's acupuncture treatment was all I needed to have full mobility in my shoulder again.

I can now do up my bra and do all the yoga positions that I used to be able to perform. I have referred Xin to several friends already.

Xin is in a very professional, in a warm and friendly way and I always leave refreshed and confident that I had the best treatment for me".
                                                                                      ---Maureen B


"Acupuncture really helped me to get better much faster than I would have been able to on my own. I would go in with a really bad headache, be poked with a few needles, and when I came out I would have a much much smaller headache than before. Over time, acupuncture helped to make me headache free. in just a few sessions, I had almost no pain and could do things normaly.

I am now back in school full time and am able to do all the activities I could before I got my concussion. thank you Xin Zhang."                   --- Alex G

Lower Back Pain

"I had various kinds of recurring back pain (including diagnosis of muscle spasms) for several years, and it got to the point where none of the western form of treatment were helping.  After going to Xin Zhang for a series of acupuncture treatments, my back is finally feeling much better.  Xin uses various forms of Chinese medicine, along with acupuncture, including herbal patches and cream, cupping, Gua Sha (burning of herbs), and dietary/exercise/lifestyle suggestions.  Xin appears to be very skilled in terms of both diagnosis and treatment, she gives high quality service, and her manner is very generous and accommodating.  I am very grateful that I found her and I highly recommend her as an acupuncturist & practitioner of Chinese medicine."                                                                          --- Rachel B

Cancer Care

I first went to Doctor Xin exhibiting a range of symptoms, none, to me, overly serious. Red eyes, eczema, thirst, fingernail discoloration, and a painless lump on my neck which I assumed was a clogged lymph node from a recent bout of bronchitis.

Upon arriving for only my third visit she took one look at me and stated that I was not responding sufficiently to treatment and firmly directed me to see a specialist right away, instead of her — which led me to Yale ER where I was scanned and subsequently scheduled for immediate surgery for what turned out to be advanced squamous cell carcinoma, category 3, stage IV. This was followed by months of intensive chemo-radiation, which appears successful — I now have a 80% chance of complete cure.

I have been getting acupuncture for more than thirty years; I don’t know if anyone would have moved with such speed and determination in the pursuit of the right medical care for her patient, regardless of the impact on her practice.

The chief oncologist at Yale told me that if I had waited even a month longer it would have been too late. As far as I am concerned, I owe my life to Doctor Xin.                                                                                ----  Michael T

IBS-C (constipation)

"I have been suffering with IBS-C (constipation) for the past 4.5 years. Triggered by stress and exacerbated by a poor diet, I found little relief in the beginning. About two years ago, on the recommendation of a doctor who focused on a more natural approach, I started taking a daily dose of oxygen base cleansers. This helped me feel better for a good while but recently it has shown to be less effective. My IBS flared up again about six months ago and that's I when I decided to see Xin. A close friend who has been aware of my condition had greats things to say about her experience with Xin and she suggested that I give it a try. After almost five years and several doctors, I was skeptical. However, I decided to keep an open mind and felt improvements in my digestive system within the first few visits.

Since seeing Xin my condition has improved dramatically. I have had an overwhelmingly positive response to Acupuncture. That, coupled with a healthy diet and routine colonics have helped me feel better than I have in the past four years. The effects of feeling better physically have contributed to my lifted mood, lower stress level, and much better sleep. Overall, I have more energy. I feel lighter and thinner now that I am not constipated 24-7 which also makes me feel more confident and beautiful. Since being diagnosed with IBS-C I have tried several different methods of treatment. After seeing Xin, I finally felt like I was in control of this issue instead of it controlling me. I can't thank you enough Xin!"                          --- Nikki T


"This story is about how Xin helped my son Angelito.  He had a fever for about ten days.  Three times the fever went up to 104 degrees.  We took him to the doctor who could find nothing wrong with him.  The doctor said it could be a virus or that new teeth could be coming in.  We thought that maybe it could be something that he ate, but we did not know.  Then we brought him to Xin.  She  was so nice and kind, and showed us a massage that could lower the fever and stimulate the stomach meridian.  The first night that I did the massage Angelito’s temperature was 101 before I started the massage, and when I finished, it was down to 98!!!  I feel so thankful to Xin and also to Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I could see the results almost immediately.  It also made me appreciate more what I teach and practice (Tai Chi and Qi Gong).  Now my son Angelito is happy and healthy again."                                                                        --- Luis D


"Dear Xin, I want to thank you for all your help with my case of shingles.  It has healed quite quickly.  I believe this is due largely to the acupuncture you administered so professionally and so kindly.  I also think the herbs you gave me hastened my recovery."                                   --- Donald W



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